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Uncle B Doesn't Do Diapers. Because He Hurls.

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Howdy, parents and people who know folks who have little maniacs to watch out for and prevent from discovering and getting into Grandma’s “Jazz Cigarettes” – On behalf of all uncles, aunts, family members, and trusted friends who disappear in a cloud of black smoke like a ninja every time you have to change a diaper, I would like to say: We are sorry. But not so sorry to change things up.

Why? I don’t know about these other suckers but for me – I can be walking down the street, catch a whiff of something, and instantly start to dry heave and gag like a baby cougar choking on muff pie. Sometimes, it goes on and on. Sometimes, it is not just a dry heave. Stuff comes out. I can not and will not risk throwing up all over my nephew. That’s why.

Or the person standing in the room running point.

Parents – The people who change diapers for you when you need help – chances are they’ve done it before with kids of their own or because they were the eldest in a family that needed a hero to do their doodie as eldest for their little brothers and sisters because they had to or it wouldn’t get done. Shat’s off to you and them for being one of those who have had to develop that super power. But, I have not. And would like to not have to for as long as possible for fear of hurling. All over the young one who we call “Mr. Happy.” Hurling on Mr. Happy would be F’d up. So no. Not today. Not – Today – Satan. Uncle B is going to shit this one out.

What I can do, and suggest that you do (if you are one of those who just can’t and have siblings, family, or friends with kids you get to know) is make sure they (the miracle worker) has a clean shirt or onesie to throw on the little fudge factory should one be ‘called upon’ in some way to help by being within the blast radius of said little bundle of fun.

I for one will slide it under the door. Or leave it on the doorknob like a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

I know I joke a lot in this blog. But it is true. I am an uncle. Two boys. Who are awesome. One may or may not see dead people. He is wicked smart. And sensitive. The other smiles a lot, really likes crab cakes and corn. I am having a ton of fun getting to know them.

The decision to add options for the young ones to BTBOB’s Online Store of Magnificence is because of them. I’m starting with two existing designs but have been drawing have have some new illustrations that were made with them in mind which will be released over time.  Size/age range of the stuff added to the Youth, Kids & Babies category has options from 3 months to 6 years old.

We will see about bridging the gap between 6 and teen when we reach that point.

And for the record, I was able to get through the older nephew’s housebreaking period without incident. The second one though . . . . we’re not out of the woods yet. Holy crap what’s that —-> A baby wolf.

Ninja ball —-> Poof <—– Gone.