Reward For The First 100 Likes On Facebook

A Thanks & An Invitation To Glory

Let’s Fonzie the fu*k out, forever.

Hi folks. As this site gets off the ground and starts to grow, I want to thank the first people who have shown their support. It means the world to me.

For those of you who have been the first to like the Bob The Butcher of Bliss Facebook Page, I will send you a coupon code for 10% of all of your purchases for life. It will never expire. Unlimited use. My thanks to you for helping me lay down a good strong foundation and getting the word out there. To claim it, after liking my Facebook Page send a message to me from the page saying that you want it.

We’re just over half way there and would love to get to 100 soon. One might call it a bribe. The other good manners. If I could I would give everybody a bottle of rye and a pony but I’m not there yet.

But, 10% off of all purchases for life is pretty cool, right? Yeah. I know. Because you’re a Fonzie, I’m a Fonzie, and what do the Illumi-Fonzie do? Ehhhhh.

But seriously, thanks again to the people who have already shown their support, to those that will, and for sharing the site/store with your people.

Let’s Fonzie the fuck out, forever.


Be one of the first 100 to like our FB page & get 10% off all purchases for life.