“Cat Stories” – Bob The Butcher of Bliss


“Cat Stories” is a book of original art and poems by Bob The Butcher of Bliss (aka; Bryan Price). Curated by Cherry Art Editions. 100 sets have been printed and signed by Bob The Butcher of Bliss.

To read a better description of the limited edition as well as open up a link to a free 10 page preview, scroll down to the read the details below.

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“Cat Stories” is a collection of two poems with original drawings and photography by Bob The Butcher of Bliss (aka; Bryan Price).

The title is a nod to the moment one chooses to watch, share or post a cat video on social media instead of pulling a Sylvia Plath, joining a cult, or going medieval on someone’s ass.

The two poems, “How To Master Time” and “My Best Wishes for Ebola” were paired together in the limited edition collection to, like a cute cat meme, help turn that frown upside down and get some sort of visceral release to the pressures of everyone’s microphone being on all the god damn time.

Unless we are talking about the ‘cat’ in catastrophe – there are no cats in this book. To view a 10 page preview of “Cat Stories” – click here.