Plus Size & Big And Tall T-Shirts

Become A Verified Bad Ass

Once upon a time, I was a really big boy.

The only places I could find clothes that fit were at the army surplus store, Costco, the occasional big and tall store (for fancy occasions), and Captain Ahab’s Wild & Wacky Whale House located in Flubber Fat Factory, Rhode Island.

One day, I would look like a UPS guy. Another, a middle aged man ‘relaxing’ in after church clothes grilling up burgers in Orange County (but 25). On others – An edgeless blob made out of khaki, paisley suspenders and the spliced dna of the Kool Aid Guy and Mr. Rogers (pictured to the left).

I hated that damn neighborhood.  I didn’t even want to be my own neighbor. Every once and a while I’d make a score. It was rare. But, I was always happy to find a source. Because, nobody should every not want to be their own neighbor.

In honor of the past (I lost the weight) and for the big, beautiful men and women out there who know what I am talking about – there will always be an option for you to choose from on my site. And, as soon as my wrists recover from this first major push, I will be sure to upload equal options & variety to the best of my ability.

Finding stuff that comes in larger sizes in the BTBOB store is easy. Just look for the products marked Men+ and Women+ at the end of the product title. At some point, I’ll probably create a specific category as more items are added to the bounty.

More importantly – if you write me to let me know you are ready to do some shopping, I’ll send you a coupon code so that you can get 10% off your purchases for life. Just because, I’m the boss, I’m your neighbor, and I know how good it feels to wear something that matches up with the big, beautiful, intelligent, and loving bad-ass that lives inside of you.

Like this kid pictured below. Who was and still is a 100% Verified Bad Ass.


Become A Verified Bad Ass for 10% Off For Life.