New Arrival: “Godzilla Painting, Echo Park” on Canvas

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BTBOB Store - Godzilla Painting, Echo Park by Bob The Butcher of Bliss

Beer. Paint. Sharpie. BBQ. Birthday.

Those are the main ingredients that went in and on the painting you see here. I have a few, that I will be taking (or Ema will be taking) high quality photos of to be reproduced and printed on canvas.

“Godzilla Painting, Echo Park” comes in two sizes. 16×20 and 18×24. It has hardware for hanging on the back. Doesn’t really need a frame because the canvas wraps around the edges. Ordered two samples for final approval. They are great.

The subject (Godzilla) lived on a shelf in Echo Park. The painting of it took place in Silver Lake in two stages. The first of which ended when I got mad/frustrated, poured beer on it and stabbed it. It was my birthday. I was grilling a turkey. The second of which came some time later. Which is when we made amends and fell in love.

Get a closer look, get more info and buy this mofo.