Men’s L to 5XL Hoodies Added To BTBOB’s Online Store of Magnificence

Let's Meet Up & Do Something Weird

Hand Grenade & Elephant Pullover Hoodie by Bob The Butcher of Bliss

4×4 Animal Style, Bitches.

Hello my big beautiful bad asses. Just added some L to 5XL  hoodie sweatshirts to the store. I am around 240 pounds and 5’10’ and the other version at 2XL does fit. However, the first time I tried on my hoodie, I did not think that was so because the printing gnomes, who must have been getting high on their own supply – printed it up on a regular XL – which was fun to try to squeeze into.

So, two things:

  1. If it don’t fit. You must acquit.
  2. If it don’t fit. Check the damn tag. I can tell you this – I felt a hell of a lot better after realizing that I did not regain my weight (as much as I thought) and it was an error. Celebration was to eat a 4×4 animal style from In & Out. Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.

That was really just one thing. But, I couldn’t stop myself from referring to the good old days of media when the craziest crap we used to watch was a slow speed chase of a football star down the freeway. Ah, the age of innocence.

All in all, I wanted to make sure the hoodies had a big and tall option sooner than later because if felt like hell not being able to fit in mine (printing gnome error excluded). So, you should be good to go now. Everyone can buy what they like safely. And we can all meet up and do something weird at In & Out together while stuffing our faces celebrate.