Holiday Deadlines

Order Deadlines for the 2015 Holiday Season

Yeah, I know it is early and we just launched the site and all but you need to know this.

Thinking about getting something from your old pal and swell fellah, Bob The Butcher of Bliss’s store this holiday season? I’d like to say, first of all – you are a person of great intelligence and taste for choosing to give the gift of me to someone. And that’s why our love is like no other love. (You complete me).

Next up – to make sure that I can print and ship your order on time for the holidays, you’re going to have to place your order in time. So, take a look at those dates below. I wouldn’t want you to go on a bender because your gift didn’t get where it needed to on time. That should come out of a pure love of ‘the season’.

Keep in mind that FedEx orders will be fulfilled faster.