Apocalypse Wow Christmas Discount For Mellow Monsters

I Love The Smell of Eggnog In The Morning

20% off everything from now until December 16th.

One of the things I love most about the holidays is finding parking in a place of mega commerce. I mean, nothing embodies the Christmas Spirit more than the impulse to make someone a human speed bump. This, tangled balls of lights, and office parties.

Seriously, people. Go around. That family of four with two shopping carts and an infant are going to take a while. Everyone hates you.

Personally, I try to avoid that not so fresh feeling by not participating in that experience as much as possible. Thanks to the internet, I have a 90% rate of success. And get to shop for friends and family in my underwear while eating a cheese log.

Triple rainbow. OMG. It is fantastic.

So, in the spirit of fantastic, cheese logs, and mellow moods – everything in my store is 20% off from now until December 16th. The last day US residents have to place an order in time to get it in time for Christmas.

It should offset the cost you are going to have to pay for faster shipping. It is the least I can do for the hangry fucker laying on his horn five cars down from me.

Just enter the promo code below when checking out. And be sure to select the right speedy shipping option.



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