10% Off Of Everything for Small Business Saturday

Which Dojo Do You Choose?

The Mr. Miyagi Method

I never really had to do much thinking about getting my ducks in line marketing and promotion wise for the holiday season until launching BTBOB’s Online Store of Magnificence.

For the first time РI found myself wondering  what I was going to do to participate in whole Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday holiday season buying bonanza. If anything at all.

The answer my friends is yes. I am going to do something. But, not much.

I don’t need to be successful super fast but I need to play the game. I would love to make a ton of sales but am nowhere near the place where I can offer 80% off of everything in the store without knocking myself on my ass and making things worse instead of better. What I can do is not buy into the frenzy but play the game the way that feels right to me and is exactly where I am at right now.

So, I choose to participate in Small Business Saturday: The Mr. Miyagi school of martial marketing as opposed to the sweep the leg/no mercy mentality of the Cobra Kai dojo (Black Friday). I’m here to win. Use my skills for the forces of good. And be the real deal. Not an asshole.

So, from the moment you see this up until midnight on Sunday you can get 10% anything and everything in my store. Just enter the promo code below.